2012 Annual Meeting

SWSA Annual Meeting Minutes for 3.6.12

1. The Meeting was called to order at 702 PM.

2. Call for Quorum – President, Steve Windmoeller
a. Quorum (attendance by a minimum of 30 members ) was met.

3. It is noted in these minutes that it is recommend to carefully edit all documents. There were errors in the notice sent to membership announcing this meeting.

a. Moved, seconded and approved to waive the incorrect date (2007).
b. Regarding the line “There is no proposal for either a dues increase or an assessment for the balanced budget on the agenda…”, it was confusing and an error printed in the final notice. The by-laws permit the Board, acting on behalf of the general membership in an annual meeting, to contemporaneously make a proposal and vote on that proposal. Therefore, even due to the confusing wording, the board can and does propose the increase in annual dues. Lesson to be learned is to, edit, proof and update all SWSA documents carefully.

4. As one member had questions about whether the board did or did not propose the dues increase, there was discussion about how changes to by-laws are made.

5. 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved

6. Reports of Committees

Membership Update – Catey Terry
Regular members: 300, Emeritus members: 15 (2011 we were also at 15, the max is 20; need five more)
three memberships have resigned, 91 families on waiting list.
Current charges of competing swim clubs in town (to help us inform us in the ballot motion to increase SWSA annual dues):

i. West Broadway $300 initial membership dues, annual $375 (uses snack bar as revenue)
ii. Machers, 3-tiered yearly fees, family $450, Couple $381, Individual $322
iii. Wilson’s Beach and Tennis, $595 plus tax, seasonal, no waiting list

Swim Team update – Stewart Johnson
In 2011 and there was high membership and participation and the same is expected for 2012
There is movement as a league to keep the kids as they get older in the league
Jack Schoelzles is coming back to coach

Tennis Update – Anne Fitzsimmons
More keys to the courts are being made by Adams; anyone knowing the whereabouts of the original key
please contact Anne.
Lights not being turned off – We will post a reminder sign and looking into an automatic turnoff system
Lessons – Hope to have Jimmy Hunter and Joe LaRose again, if they can.
One new net was purchased in 2011 along with one windbreak. The board will discuss other new nets.

Social – Stephanie Rothermich
Looked at rules and updated event guidelines – during and after hours to make sure at least 2 staff members are present and to improve communications for staffing
Couple of instances of member parties with large number of participants and we are trying to discourage that.

Maintenance/Facilities – Martin Wills
The sand filter, the main filtration system was leaking and the board decided to replace. It may have been the original sand filter. New sand filter ~$17,000.
2011 voted on getting pool and surrounding area resurfaced but was priced at >$100,000 and given the cost, was not done.

Diving – JD Estes
We have opportunity to get refurbished diving board for ~$500 as our current one is old and slippery.

7. Treasurer’s Report for 2011 – Jacqui Jamieson

a. SWSA operated at a deficit in 2011 partly because the summer was hot and drier and led to higher payroll compared to previous few years. Additionally, iIn 2011, it was discovered that the electric meter was not working for years and we were apparently not paying for years so utility costs have gone up accordingly and significantly.
b. See attached budget proposals that were considered depending on whether the ballot items in 8 passed. The budget differences are is what led to the dues increase vote.

i. Proposed with dues increase – will need to dip into reserves by ~$6000.
ii. Proposed without dues increase – will need to dip into reserves by ~$18,000

c. Current reserves are at ~$23,000.

8. Election of new Board members
Sharon Keitel, Melinda Odum, Jenny Dubinski, and Sam Phillips were voted by the membership.
Thank you to retiring Board members, Steve Windmoeller, Kent Shelby, and Chris Hayday for their years of service.

Other Board Members:
One Year Remaining – Martin Wills, Jacqui Jamieson, Anne Fitzsimmons, J.D. Estes
Two Years Remaining – Stewart Johnson, Stephanie Rothermich, Catey Terry, Greg Linhares

9. Voting on ballot Items
a. Shall a position of Custodian of Records be created to ensure maintenance and continuity of all official records of the association? The custodian shall be appointed by the Board and shall serve until the custodian resigns or is replaced by the Board. The custodian shall retain all official records of the association including articles of incorporation, tax documents, bylaws, any other document the board designates for retention, and any other documents the association is required by law to retain. The custodian shall ensure that the president has a current copy of all official documents retained by the custodian. The item passed 35 to 3.

i. The group discussed issues with lack of continuity regarding certain records, decisions, equipment and regulations. The Custodian of Records is an appointed and voluntary position. Skip Walther, for instance, has been paying the annual 501 filing fee to have SWSA be listed as nonprofit organization. He will be asked to continue in this role.
ii. Steve Windmoeller, current SWSA President, will also avail himself to the new board for continuity. Additionally, the board hopes to have the SWSA Vice-President be groomed for President.
iii. While serving as president, Steve’s family basement was flooded, destroying most of the SWSA paper documents.

b. Shall the annual membership dues be increased from $400 to $450 for family membership and from $250 to $275 for emeritus membership? Annual dues have not been increased for over 10 years. The Board recommends this dues increase to pay for increased costs related to payroll, utilities and facility maintenance. The item passed 33 to 6.
c. Note from 2011 Ballot: The 2011 ballot contained a proposal to refinance the SWSA property loan to obtain up to $55,000 to use for capital improvements. The refinancing did not take place in 2011. The SWSA Board retains the authority to move forward with this refinance if and when additional funding is required for property maintenance or improvements.

10. Approval of 2012 budget – Given the passage of increasing annual membership from $400 to $450 annually, the membership approved the corresponding budget.

11. Our web site address is: www.swswim.org. Minutes and other documents are posted. Martin reports we will need to have a new host and thus a different address. Facebook has been piloted some.

12. Thank you from membership for keeping the pool open extra hours summer 2011 and not limiting hours to Columbia Public School schedule.

General meeting adjourned at 8 PM

Following the AGM, the Board of Directors met and agreed on the following assignments for 2012:

Greg Linhares, President
Sam Phillips, Vice President
Anne Fitzsimmons, Secretary, Tennis
Jaccquie Jamieson, Treasurer
Martin Wills, Maintenance & Website Admin
Catey Terry, Membership
Melinda Odum, At Large & Asst. Membership
Stephanie Rothermich – Social
JD Estes – Diving
Sharon Keitel – At Large
Jenny Dubinski, Personnel
Stewart Johnson, Swim Team
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