Current Members

Member Handbook:

We have developed a Member Handbook to answer many questions about the club, including rules & bylaws, culture, logistics, and other information.  Click here to download the Member Handbook.

Important Dates:

  • April 1: Deadline for notification of terminating membership or suspension of membership for the upcoming season.  Notify Membership Chair directly.
  • May 1: Deadline for payment of annual dues.  Failure to pay annual dues by May 1 may lead to involuntary termination of membership.

Annual Dues:
The Dues Notice is sent annually after the Membership Meeting usually held in early March.  Please print this form and return it with your payment.  Deadline for dues is May 1.

Click here to download and print the 2018 Dues Notice

Terminating Membership:
Members wishing to relinquish their membership in Southwest Swim Club must provide notice to the Membership Chair by April 1.   The Membership Chair will request the return of the Membership Certificate that was issued when the member joined.  These certificates have been issued to all members since the club began.  If the certificate cannot be found, a formal letter with signature must be sent instead.  On receipt of this, the Treasurer will be instructed to send a check to repay the membership fee.
This is a permanent relinquishment.  To join again, relinquished members must fill out the application, pay the application fee, and join the waiting list for a vacant membership.  If a member wants to relinquish membership for only one season, please see the Seasonal Membership Suspension section below.

Seasonal Membership Suspension:
Current members may suspend their membership a season at a time by notifying the Membership Chair by April 1.  No annual dues will be owed for the suspended year and the member will not have club privileges, but will remain a member of the club and will be able to continue again as a member the next year.
Suspended memberships are offered to those at the top of the waiting list after vacant memberships are filled for the season.  Those who wish to be considered as a seasonal member must join the regular waiting list by filling out the application for new members linked on the Prospective Member page.

Questions/comments, please contact the Membership Chair.