Prospective Members

Southwest Swim Club is a member-owned private swim club located in the Old Southwest neighborhood of Columbia, Missouri. Once you join the club as a member, you will pay annual dues until you choose to formally relinquish membership in the club.

Interested in Joining Southwest Swim Club?

Download and fill out the Membership Application and return it using the form instructions.

There is a $25 application fee due with the application.  Please make check out to Southwest Swimming Association.  Check and form should be sent to the Membership Chair (info on the form).

Waiting List:
There is a cap of 400 Family and 10 Single memberships at Southwest, and currently we have a waiting list for all memberships. Applications will be added to the waiting list in the order received, and memberships will be offered in the same order.

First Year Costs for Joining:

  • $375 membership fee ($400 – $25 application fee), due immediately after membership offer is accepted. This is refundable upon termination of membership.
  • $150 capital assessment one-time fee, not refundable, due the first year of your membership
  • $500 annual dues for Household memberships; for Singles, annual dues are $325. Dues MUST be paid by May 1 every year until you formally relinquish membership at SWSA.

Types of Membership:

  • Household Membership: Includes all family members residing together in the same house. Extended family members may be added for additional cost, or guest passes must be provided.
  • Single Membership: Limited to one member only. (Only 10 allowed per by-laws.)
  • Emeritus Membership: Individuals or couples age 65 or older (by May 1). Emeritus status is available only as a conversion for current full members (at least one year as full member).
  • Seasonal Membership: Current members have the option to suspend memberships for the season, and we offer the opportunity to fill these one-year temporary seasonal memberships to non-members for the cost of the current annual dues. These seasonal memberships are offered to those at the top of the waiting list after all vacant memberships have been filled for the year. Seasonal members keep their place on the waiting list for full membership.

Questions/comments, please contact the Membership Chair.