Party Requests

Did you know you can book Southwest Swim Club for parties during regular hours or after hours?  Southwest is a great place to hold your celebration at a very reasonable cost.

Please fill out the appropriate form below and return it to the Pool Manager at the Guardhouse.


Parties During Regular Hours

  1. To ensure proper staffing for events, if you are having more than 5 non-member guests you need to complete a During Hours Party Request.
  2. Members meeting together in a group with fewer than 5 non-member guest do not need to complete a During Hours Party Request.
  3. Registering for a party does not guarantee a space under the pavilion or tables.
  4. The manager on duty and staff will help parties find an area.
  5. Having tables under the pavilion does not guarantee privacy.
  6. Please fill out a During Hours Party Request at least 48 hours in advance of your event. This is for staffing/safety.
  7. All swim club regulations apply.  Anyone not complying will be asked to leave.