Tennis at Southwest

We have three tennis courts, two of which are striped for pickleball.  Tennis courts were repainted in 2018.

We are actively seeking members to join our Tennis Committee!  Please contact if you love tennis and are willing to help out.

Tennis Lessons 2024:  Fearless Tennis will once again be offering lessons and clinics at SWSA for members only.  Contact them for more information at or text (225) 614-4625 regarding clinics or lessons.

After-Hours Use of Tennis Courts:

Members can check out a tennis key for after-hours or off-season use of the tennis courts.  These are available at the guardhouse for a $20 deposit.  Keys must be returned at the end of membership.  Contact for more information.

Conditions for checking out a tennis key:

By paying the $20 deposit and accepting the tennis key as a main member in your membership group, you and the other members within your membership group agree to the following conditions:

  1. Only full members may check out a tennis key, not seasonal members, children or other additional members.
  2. You take full responsibility for the key (keys are numbered).
  3. You MAY NOT lend the key out, whether to members or non-members (except for another within your membership group – only dependents or other main members).  If you do lend the key to others outside your membership group you may be asked to relinquish your key and lose access to the tennis courts when the pool is closed.
  4. You MAY NOT make copies of the key.
  5. The outside gate of the tennis courts is to be locked at all times (when you arrive and leave even if others are playing.)  If the gate is locked at all times there is less chance that it will be left open by accident or allow access to anyone without a key.
  6. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself in the tennis courts at all times.
  7. Keys may be returned and refunded at any time.
  8. Your numbered key MUST be turned in when you relinquish your membership.
  9. If others come to the courts to play, please be courteous.  If you have been using the courts for a while, please share.  We do not have a sign up and use is first come, first served. 
  10. Please remember to lock the gate after you arrive and when you leave.  Only members that have a key or others accompanied by a member that holds a key should be entering or using the courts.